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The moment you alter your perception of yourself and your future,
both you and y
our future
begin to change.

Once upon a time, I identified myself as a writer of non-fiction books. And then something quite mysterious happened.

I rediscovered a raw draft of a novel I was working on in 1975. The manuscript was lost and then resurfaced just when Covid arrived. I was fascinated by the story, and once I started writing, the required isolation proved to be the perfect opportunity to polish ever line again...and again.


Since 1980, my primary work has centered on applying brain research to our personal and professional lives. 

It's been a fascinating experience to be one of the pioneers to

advocate the use of that information for 

creativity and problem-solving. 


In 1983, I founded Right-Brain Resources, Inc. and thoroughly enjoyed working with such extraordinary people.

It's been deeply rewarding to address audiences at the World

Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Pharmacia

in Sweden, the Kongresshalle in Berlin for their recognition

of creativity in all of its manifestations.

One of my most meaningful experiences was when I began teaching at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference nearly fifty years ago.  It was the springboard for my own career as a writer. 

This year the Santa Barbara Writers Conference is on

June 18 - 22, 2023. Please click here for more details. 

The focus of my presentation this year will be

Where the Good Stories Hide.


I live in Santa Barbara, and when the conference ends this

coming June, I'll begin working on my ninth book and my

second novel. Every day is exciting and filled with

wonderful possibilities.


If you're a writer or want to be, ask your muse to join you and

see how this conference can change your life. 

It certainly changed mine.


You can reach me at


My Story

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