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 Marilee Zdenek


Welcome. I’m so glad you stopped by. 

These five stories are gifts to you.

I hope they bring you comfort throughout the day and even lead you gently into a

peaceful sleep.

Feel free to pass them on.

The Healing Place
00:00 / 28:15

The Healing Place  

Let the words and the music lead you into a dreamlike experience and help you release the stresses of the day. 

I created this for you and for all who long for refuge in these challenging times.

I’m grateful to Rob Whitesides-Woo and Craig Saddler for the soothing music they created for these stories. 


To Dream of Dolphins
00:00 / 29:23

To Dream of Dolphins I created this story for a young child who was very ill and afraid to go to sleep.

She listened to it many times, even years after she was well again. She’s an adult now and plays it for her daughters. And sometimes just for herself.

The Gift Of Peace
00:00 / 11:32
The Train of Dreams
00:00 / 28:45

The Train of Dreams 

Let this story take you to places you can only imagine.


You can discover your inner wisdom, find your strength. You can travel alone or with another. The choice is always yours. Sweet dreams.

A Cabin in the Snow
00:00 / 29:02

A Cabin in the Snow 

This story offers a safe and beautiful place to look inward, to renew your strength. 


May the words and the music comfort you and lead you gently into the relaxing imagery of the dream.

A Gift of Peace

After we have faced the reality of our challenges, protected others and ourselves from harm as best we can, we have choices regarding our own capacity for compassion and empathy.


The Gift of Peace is a twelve-minute meditation with music and story that can help you experience empathy in an intense, personal way.  I made it years ago, presenting it at a conference in Berlin just before the wall came down.  I gave it to the Dalai Lama at his home in Dharamshala. I offer it now to you.

May this meditation help you find solace in the midst of chaos.  There is never a charge for The Gift of Peace. You have my permission to share it.  

Will you please join me in supporting the groups that are in great need of our help? We are in great need of theirs.

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