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Marilee Zdenek

The Healing Power of Telling Your Story

Books & Audio

“I began reading

Between Fires last night

and the writing is

simply amazing!

Marilee Zdenek

communicates with such sincerity and depth, humor and honesty, as though she's your trusted best friend. Do yourself a huge favor and read

Between Fires, your heart and

soul will thank you.” 

TINA L. FRONTADO, MPA, Hospice of Santa Barbara

“Zdenek's memoir is both heartbreaking and compelling. Beautifully written, she cuts a vein in the narrator's voice, giving the reader full access to her thoughts, fears, emotions. A truly wonderful read.” 

COLETTE FREEDMAN, playwright and novelist

Between Fires

There can be a sense of empowerment in embracing the life that used to be, in honoring the hard times and the good times for both are the building blocks that create the present and the future.


I’ve looked in the rear-view mirror of my life, and learned from the memories. When did I laugh the hardest, dance the wildest, risk everything for love? How did the memories of heartaches and healings help me create an abundant life now, when everything has changed?

I published the book in 2014 on my 80th birthday. Now, four years later, the I've used the book for......


Life is good. Actually, it’s quite fascinating. Writing my story helped me heal and I hope that reading it will help others who face the challenges of loss.

“Written in the best story-telling fashion, this is the kind of memoir that reads like a favorite novel. An engaging story of a wise woman and how she maneuvers through both the wonderful and the tragic. I laughed and cried, and at the end, I felt that I had

learned some profound

life lessons as well.” 

TRACY SHAWN, author of award-winning novel,

The Grace of Crows.

“I enjoyed Between Fires so much. Such an incredible book! I laughed out loud, I tagged pages I loved and highlighted sections that moved me. It’s one of those rare books that when you finish it you find you want to read it all over again.

Simply wow!” 


“Just wonderful. Poignant and uplifting. Marilee Zdenek’s memoir shifts back and forth through time with ease - like our thoughts. I will read this book again.” 


“This one swept me away! Marilee Zdenek’s writing is so genuine. I felt her grief and despair in a profound way when tragedies struck, but also her gratitude and faith for many of life's blessings. She has a graceful way of making the reader feel as if she is right by your side, telling you her many experiences and emotions while navigating this precious thing we call Life.

And what a life she has had and continues to have!" 


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