The Right-Brain Experience

Between Fires

The Right-Brain Experience: An Intimate Program to Free the Powers of Your Imagination

"Marilee Zdenek provides a powerful structure for making dreams come true."
BETTY EDWARDS, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

"Facilitates the reader's ability to experience life as a journey of infinite self-discovery and creative expression."
KLAUS D. HOPPE, MD, PhD., Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, UCLA

" I highly recommend this program to all people who are interested in developing their imaginations and gaining control of their lives."

You are invited to participate in an intimate program to free the powers of your imagination. I'll will be your tour guide, leading you through a mental journey of self discover. Whether you get in touch with your inner wisdom by reading my books, listening to my audio programs or attending my workshops, the tools are provided to free your creativity and stimulate innovative thinking. The process is easy to learn. The results can be life changing.

Between Fires

Inventing the Future: Advances in Imagery that Can Change Your Life

"Inventing the Future leads us to realize that we have greater power of choice in our lives than most of us dared to imaging."
GABRIELE L. RICO, Ph.D. Writing the Natural Way

"Tell me what you imagine and I will tell you who you are. Let me tell you what to imagine and I will tell you what, gradually, you will become. INVENTING THE FUTURE is a book with a great deal to give to those able to receive it."
JACK MILES, Pulitzer Prize Winner, God: A Biography

The moment you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change.

To explore the possibilities for enrichment, you must first release the assumptions you hold about your situation and allow the wisdom of your sub-conscious to be revealed.

What will you take from this program? The specific answer will be different for each reader. Right brain techniques free the powers of your imagination. These mental exercises create a powerful tool you can use whenever difficult problems confront you. Perhaps, as you use the techniques in this program, you will find the answer to a challenging situation in your personal or professional life.

The following books were written early in my career and reflect my interest in spirituality, poetry, and photography:

Splinters in My Pride, Someone Special, God is a Verb! and Catch the New Wind.

God is a Verb! and Catch the New Wind were written in collaboration with Marge Champion.