"Marilee is a storyteller, but she is more than that. She is an understanding presence that can make immeasurable differences in our ability to bounce back after the stress of events we cannot control... the sound of her voice, as gentle and soothing as honey... Coming to us when our personal pack of trouble is weighing us down, through reality and imagination, she helps us to feel safe again."

JEAN SPENCER, Ventura County Star

"I know from my own experience that Marilee Zdenek's' techniques of right-brain imaging are remarkably successful in stimulating memory and creativity, but also in helping to cope with strong emotions. She has done a great service in making Getting Through the Night available."

CHARLES CHAMPLIN, Los Angeles Times Arts Editor Emeritus


The Gift of Peace

The Gift of Peace

The Gift of Peace is a twelve minute meditation for compassion and world peace. You can download this imagery, which is always free, and I encourage you to pass it along to friends.

I have presented this meditation at the Kongresshalle in Berlin, Germany, at the White House Task Force for Innovative Learning, and to many universities and organizations. I gave this meditation to the Dalai Lama at his home in Dharamsala, India. It is my hope that this message of peace will encourage those who are committed to peace on earth.

Getting Through The Night

Getting Through The Night

Four unique stories with relaxing music help you release stress, enjoy a blissful sleep, and have sweet dreams throughout the night. These healing audio programs will be available in July 2015

1. The Healing Place
2. A Cabin in the Snow
3. By the Water's Edge
4. To Dream with Dolphin (for children and playful adults)

These guided imagery experiences will help you relax and enter a deep and blissful sleep with comforting dreams. It was originally created to help earthquake victims release their anxieties and sleep through the night.

The script was written in collaboration with Mary F. Christianson, MD, psychiatrist. The imagery is helpful to children and adults who will benefit from the music and imagery that induce relaxation and blissful sleep.

The music was created by Rob Whitesides-Woo and Craig Saddler.